Expansión 35 aniversario




12.00h - 13:00h

Round Table

How to overcome language barrier with AI, Speech to Text and MT
  • Foreign workers and multinational companies productivity what are the losses for the use of a native language?.
  • Inclusion and accessibility does subtitling meetings increase the attention of participants?
  • Is the time spent on transcription and translation a cost or an investment?
  • The pandemic has introduced a new dilemma how we can include remote workers in a conversation when there are hearing unpaired or not enough foreign language skills?
  • Time Saving - Cost Reduction - worklife quality improvement which are the priorities when comes to Meeting Report Productions?


Enrico Giannotti. Cedat85 Managing Director

Karina Gibert. Director of the Smart Science and Artificial Data research center

Baris Icer. RWS Sales Specialist Translation Technologies

Moderador: Artur Zanon. EXPANSIÓN


Enrico  Giannotti
Enrico Giannotti

Managing Director


Karina Gibert
Karina Gibert

Directora del centro de investigación

Intelligent Data Science & Artificial

Baris  Icer
Baris Icer

Sales Specialist Translation Technologies


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